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The situation in Afghanistan remains precarious. According to the latest UN estimates, more than 95% of Afghans will soon be living below the poverty line.* More than 680,000 people have been internally displaced since the change of Government among which 59% are children under 18 years. Rising levels of hunger and outbreaks in refugee camps continue to overwhelm struggling health services. On top of that, the harsh winter over the past few months has further exacerbated people’s lack of access to food.

But because of all of our wonderful donors around the world, Hagar has been able to respond! We continue to work in Afghanistan and provide vital humanitarian assistance in the region.

We are currently in Phase Two of our Response.

Phase Two: Long-term development (commenced May 2022)


Hagar is thinking long term. We want to help people develop the ability to gain independence, resilience and a financial livelihood so that they can support themselves into the future. Since May 2022, the Hagar Afghanistan team have been implementing two new projects to help our beneficiaries from phase one transition into independence:


  • Establishing the Poverty Reduction and Livelihood Project: The new livelihood programme will enable families to start earning an income of at least $100 USD a month, that is sufficient to provide basic food for a family of 8, and cover some energy and clothing needs. This will be achieved by organising the beneficiaries into business cooperatives, establishing cash for work programmes and helping them start small businesses.
  • Increasing the number of Child Friendly Spaces: The HAGAR team have set up more of these safe spaces due to the overwhelming numbers. Children currently roaming the streets begging are being encouraged to attend classes in these spaces as HAGAR works towards preventing lifelong illiteracy and consequent poverty. Our colleagues on the ground in Afghanistan have shared that the improvement in literacy and test results amongst the children is really encouraging!


Phase One: Emergency Response (From October 2021 to March 2022)

  • Hagar staff in Afghanistan successfully obtained approval from the new Government to start providing practical assistance
  • Approximately 20,800 vulnerable people in Afghanistan benefitted from Hagar’s Emergency Response
  • Thousands of the most vulnerable people in Afghanistan benefitted from Hagar’s distribution of food parcels. Each food parcel could fed a family of 8 for one month
  • With temperatures dropping to below freezing over Winter, Hagar provided warm blankets, clothing and children’s shoes to vulnerable families (the majority of which are living in camps for Internally Displaced People – IDP). Approximately 7,752 people have benefitted from this winter support.
  • 7 Child-friendly spaces were created across different IDP camps to provide education and recreation where children could continue to learn and play without fear and worry. 332 children, now have somewhere to receive a basic education, counselling support and have fun. Recently we heard that children were graduating one grade and moving to the next! Students who couldn’t hold a pen before attending these child friendly spaces were moving from Grade 1 to 2

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“In the previous government, I served in the Afghanistan local police, where I worked for 16 years. One day while on duty, I was hit by a mortar and lost both of my legs. Luckily after that I received a pension for a while, but when the government suddenly collapsed, I lost my pension. Now… we find ourselves in a very bad situation. My children are too young to work and I am disabled. I was forced to start begging to support my family. At this sensitive time when most of Afghanis are facing difficulties and are unable to meet their daily needs, Hagar’s assistance is truly appreciated. We are very grateful to Hagar…”

Lal Gul, recipient of Hagar food hamper


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