Forgotten No More


In 2014, an unprecedented study of 210 stakeholders in Afghanistan, including 130 boys, found that on average one in 10 of the boys interviewed had experienced human trafficking. The study, Forgotten No More: Male Child Trafficking in Afghanistan, was conducted by HAGAR field researchers and funded by the U.S.Department...

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Monessa’s Story

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My father used to abuse me. It began when I was 8, and I didn’t know he was not my real father. Coming from school and being alone with my abuser was worse than seeing my own grave.


That was not the worst. The worst was when he threatened me...

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Hau’s Story

Hau's story of recovery

Seven months ago, Hagar Vietnam received an emergency call in the middle of the night. It was from Hau, a 37 year old woman who had woken up to her drunk husband turning their house upside down. Hau feared for her life, he was violent and unpredictable. When her husband passed out, she decided to make a call to...

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Zaher’s Story


"One day, I will be back with my family again. I’ll be an engineer and serve my people. I will improve my family’s situation when I am a man.”- Zaher, 14 year old boy, at the Forgotten No More project

Zaher is one of four siblings. He grew up in Kabul, the...

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A lovely Homecoming for Tra

Soon after she was married, Tra knew that her life would not be easy. Her husband was accused of damaging property and he was sent to jail for six months. Her mother-in-law did not consider Tra as a daughter-in-law but just as another source of income for the family. She expected Tra to make...

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