Srey was sold by her mother to a sex trafficker not long after her sixth birthday. The nine months that followed were a living nightmare for this little girl as she was abused over and over again at a local brothel.

The brothel owner cruelly knew that Srey’s young age would make her popular with brothel customers. Srey soon learned that the terror and trauma of the brothel was both predictable and relentless.

Unfortunately Srey’s story isn’t a once off horror story. She is one of the 45.8 million* slaves living today. Take a moment to read that again – 45,800,000 slaves today. That number is staggering, vast, incomprehensible and incredibly hard to connect to.

That is until you are moved by a story of 1 of those 45,800,000*. When numbers become faces and you learn of the individual heartache.

And that’s what Hagar seeks to do. We specialise in seeing the individual and giving them what is needed to restore their broken life.

Infact our name Hagar comes from a story of seeing the individual.  Hagar was the first recorded slave in written history. Hagar & her child were cast out in the desert, they soon run out of food and water. When she sees her son is about to dying she starts weeping. God hears her cries and rescues them. She declares “You are the God who sees me”.

Likewise Hagar’s work in enabled by wonderful supporters who see  and care for the world’s most vulnerable and traumatized citizens. They enable our work.

Srey was rescued and brought to Hagar and enveloped her in love, safety and care.
They provided medical care for the physical wounds.
They provided counselling for the wee girl to work through her trauma.
They prov
ided a loving family for her.
They sent her to a school which specialises in catching children up in education
They began the legal journey of prosecuting those in the wrong.
The incredibly painful yet hopeful process of restoration began, and something wonderful happened; Srey began to heal. This little girl began to be made whole again.

We exist to be the vehicle of restoration for women and children who have been trafficked and exploited.
We do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes to restore a broken life.

* Global Slavery Index