“We were just supposed to be visiting China. That’s what she said. That’s what he said. But as soon as we crossed the border from Vietnam, I was sold and given over to several men.”

Instead of a holiday, Duyen was trafficked by her Aunt’s boyfriend as soon as they crossed the border into China. Sold as a “wife”, she was daily abused and exploited. Eventually, she escaped and found her way back to Vietnam, where a taxi driver in Hanoi took her to Hagar’s women’s shelter.

Read more of Duyen’s story here.

Duyen’s story is tragic, but unfortunately it is not an isolated incident. Vietnam has one of the highest rates of trafficked women and children in the world –internationally, nearly one third of women and children in the sex industry are Vietnamese. It is estimated that more than 400 000 Vietnamese women have been trafficked in the past twenty years.

Yet despite statistics this high, there are very few organisations doing anything to help women like Duyen. This is why the work done by Hagar in Vietnam is so vitally important. Because if we don’t help these women, there is literally no one else who will.

Every day, our staff in Hanoi are having to turn women away. Women like Duyen who desperately need our help. Women who have nowhere else to go. We are at capacity and are desperately short of funding needed to expand and help more women.

Please, can you help us to help more women like Duyen?



$30  Provides emergency clothing and supplies for one woman upon arriving at Hagar Women’s Shelter

$50  Provides intensive counselling services for one month.

 $100 Provides one week’s care for a woman at Hagar Women’s Shelter.

These young women deserve better. I am doing all I can personally to help fund this crucially important work.  I hate the thought of young women like Duyen being turned away, because I know the life stories of some of them and want to do whatever it takes to give them a shot at life and change the course of their future.

Please join me by donating here.

Don Lord

Executive Director, Hagar NZ