At Hagar, we value each individual’s journey. Whether you’re a woman or a child we serve, a financial supporter of our work, or a member of our staff, we recognize the unique path of each individual towards wholeness. At different times and in different ways, we could all use a little help.

That’s why we’re not interested in one-size fits all prescriptions. Rather, we focus on understanding the specific needs of every person who comes to us in search of healing and commit to journeying with them until they are restored.

And as we feel, learn, and grow together with the women and children in our care, we find we also get back pieces of ourselves and we in turn experience becoming whole.

You can also take part of this journey to help women and children take the first steps towards healing. Please help us remind victims of exploitation and abuse that we’re walking alongside them and that no matter what—whether they need a place to stay, someone to talk to, or even educational opportunity, medical care, or legal support—they’ll never be alone. Will you join us on the path to becoming whole?razoo_inpage

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