Copy-of-HOS-2Although 5% of Cambodians suffer from a disability of some kind – either physical or intellectual – disability remains widely misunderstood in the country. Individuals with disabilities – particularly those with intellectual disabilities – experience stigma, discrimination and social exclusion.

While individuals with intellectual disabilities will typically have their basic needs met, they are often hidden away, ostracized and rejected by the very people and communities they need support from the most.

Hagar’s House of Smiles (HoS) hopes to change this. Through a community-based rehabilitation (CBR) approach, HoS strives to promote greater acceptance of people with intellectual disabilities by raising awareness of the disabilities themselves and by providing improved access to education and health care to those who are so desperately in need of it.

With sites in four districts surrounding the capital city of Phnom Penh, HoS walks a journey of recovery and healing with clients who have intellectual disabilities as well as their families. Together they learn about disabilities and receive practical training so that everyone affected can live a life of dignity.

Ratanak, a client at House of Smiles, shows resilience and hope in his journey.

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