Nassima Fights for her future


Nassima was 18 years old when she first arrived at Hagar.

She had experienced some of the worst that life has to offer. She was physically abused at home by her father, sold in to marriage, and then abused by her husband’s family as well. She became very depressed and planned to take her own life.

Untitled-design-300x251Untitled designWhen she arrived, she was still very disappointed by her life and had never been given the opportunity or tools to make decisions for her own life. Some of the first services Hagar provided for her were to obtain her Tazkira (ID card) and enroll her in school. She had only been allowed to attend school until 5th grade, after which her father decided it would be a disgrace for their family and she should be at home doing the chores. After Nassima was enrolled in school, she passed the competency tests through the level of 7th grade, so she was able to start at 8th grade level.

Through school and the counseling provided to her, Nassima was able to once again look at her future with hope. As she became empowered, she began to use the skills she had learned and decided for herself that she would like to go to the Taekwondo Club, as well as a get a job to earn her own income. Hagar enrolled Nassima in Taekwondo club in April of 2015 and she has excelled. As she began to participate in the competitions, she earned a silver medal in May and then a Bronze medal in September. After this she was accepted as a member of the Kabul team. If she wins her next competition, she will be given the opportunity to compete abroad and represent Afghanistan. Nassima also got an internship at a beauty parlor, and is now being paid a salary for her work there.

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*Hagar pursues the highest degree of care and protection for its clients; names have been changed and images do not necessarily reflect the individual profiled.