Who would have thought 42 people handcuffed together with flexicuffs, walking 5ks, could raise over $24,000!
But that’s exactly what happened on a hot City2Surf event in Christchurch.

Our aim was to raise $5000. However after reaching our goal within one week we increased it to $8000. We found we had to keep increasing our target as we then hit $10,000, followed by $13,000.  A final last minute donation of $10,000 was made which brought our total to $24,371.47! To say we were blown away by the support and enthusiasm of the participants and their supporters, is an understatement!

It was very moving to know that the discomfort and lack of freedom we experienced was nothing close to anything that the women and children at Hagar have experienced.

We’ll be doing the same event next year – so watch this space!

If you want to run a similar event go to https://www.everydayhero.com/ or contact us.