Great news from Ghiang!

wp_20160719_003Dear friends

We have just received the most wonderful update from Hagar Vietnam about Ghiang (“Zan”), the young girl you so generously helped through donating to our Christmas appeal last year. It has made me so happy I just have to share it with you!


If you remember, Ghiang was beaten severely on the face and head by a stranger more than a year ago. Her injuries were severe and she was left badly traumatized. Until your generous support, Ghiang had no hope and was suicidal at the thought of her future. We received an initial update in February, and now have more great news to share.


Our colleagues have emailed with good news. In July, Ghiang underwent the first stage of reconstructive surgery – joining the bones of her face and skull – and it was successful!


Ha, from Hagar Vietnam, said “This is the result of the effort of the Hagar New Zealand team to raise funds for Ghiang’s surgery, the generosity of the New Zealand donors, the dedication of the Hagar Vietnam team in supporting Ghiang and last but not least, the strength and courage that lie within Ghiang.”


Ghiang’s counselor has also recognized positive changes in Ghiang’s mental state. She is happier and more open, and is starting to become more independent. She knows how to regulate her emotions and be more successful at concentrating when studying. She has just passed an important examination to get into high school!



These photos are of Ghiang in the hospital after the surgery and at Hagar’s Recovery Center. She wasn’t able to move around a lot after her surgery so to cheer her up, the in-house social workers and other clients decided to all gather in her room to watch TV together. 



Ghiang has a message she wants passed on to you:


“Thank you so much for supporting me all the time.

I feel much better having you by my side.”



On behalf of this remarkable young woman, and our colleagues at Hagar Vietnam, I too want to extent my greatest thanks for your generosity last year. You truly have given Ghiang hope and a future.


Warmest regards