What is LOUDER?

The chance to use your creativity in a direct way in the fight against slavery.

First held in October 2014, LOUDER is an annual festival of creative arts events and workshops with the purpose of raising awareness about human trafficking and funds for the anti-trafficking wotk of Hagar International.

2014 saw 10 LOUDER events in 5 cities throughout NZ, supported by artists in other centres selling work on TRADEME and doing public art! In Auckland, LOUDER was part of the Auckland Arts Week. LOUDER14 was an incredible time of NZ artists uniting together as one LOUD voice in the fight against slavery.


LOUDER15 will be on during the whole of October 2015. There are events scheduled for Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin so make sure to check here for details regarding dates, venues and tickets.


So come and support the creatives in your community wanting to get LOUDER this year in the fight against slavery!


All profits from LOUDER events will be used to support Hagar’s Creative Arts and Recovery programmes in Cambodia and Vietnam, enabling the recovery of hundreds more women and children from the trauma of slavery