Have you got a medium-largish size lounge?

Do you know 6-15 people ?

Have you got one free evening between now and the end of the year?

JGM-Coffee-and-Dessert-1600x1000Are you keen to help Hagar but don’t know what you could do? Here’s an easy way you can partner with us. By simply inviting your friends or colleagues to your home for coffee one evening you can provide much needed help to Hagar and help us raise awareness and funds.

What’s Involved


Your part: invite 6-15 (or more – if  you have room) people to your home one evening for coffee or dessert (and provide the coffee/dessert )

Our part: Depending on your location and date, one of 2 options:

1)      Either a Hagar staff member or key volunteer will come for coffee and give a presentation about Hagar and what we do. There will then be time for questions and discussion on issues raised.

2)      Or we provide absolutely everything you need to do it yourself –a USB with 2-3 short DVD clips and  a powerpoint presentation (with points about what to talk about for each slide),  signup forms, Hagar brochures and information….it’s dead easy!

Your Guests part: to eat, drink, listen, watch, engage, discuss and be motivated to help.

Interested? Please contact Don or Sarah at  admin@hagar.org.nz  and we’ll be in touch.



Another sort of event?

Please contact Hagar NZ for further ideas and information on how you can help.

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