Get Handcuffed in Tauranga!

Handcuffed 4 Hagar is coming to Tauranga!DSC_1884


What: We’re walking the 5km event at Tauranga’s City 2 Surf!

When: Sunday September 25th 11am

Why: An opportunity for Hagar supporters (and friends) to raise awareness of human trafficking and funds for the anti-trafficking work of Hagar. Walkers are asked to set up a sponsorship page with Everyday Hero and raise funds (details below)

How: By walking the 5km event of the City 2 Surf dressed in black and “handcuffed” together with flexicuffs.

Who: You! And any friends or family who might want to walk with you.


  • Event info can be found here.
  • Participants need to pay their own entry fee to the event ($25) and make own transport arrangements
  • Hagar will provide black Hagar t-shirts for walkers who have set up Everyday Hero sponsorship pages (please email your name and t-shirt size to
  • To set up your sponsorship page:
    1. Click on the link (or go to
    2. For charity, type in Hagar New Zealand
    3. Then click the box “I want to do my own thing”, follow the guidelines and away you go! Email it to all your friends/contacts and share on Facebook. 
    4. DON’T FORGET TO CLICK “JOIN TEAM” and join team Handcuffed for Hagar Tauranga.
  • Participants will be cuffed together using plastic flexicuffs. Although firm, these have a self release mechanism and can be quickly removed in case of emergency.
  • Event and meeting details will be emailed to participants

Any questions, please email!