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“The attack was so violent, it was a miracle she survived.Her attacker beat her with a metal rod,

her skull and face were crushed beyond recognition… Without further surgery she will suffer immeasurable pain and suffering.”

Her name is Ghiang, she is 14 and she urgently needs your help.


This Christmas we would like to give Ghiang back what was  so cruelly taken – her smile.

 We need to raise $40,000 by the 31st of December  to pay for critical reconstructive surgery.

 Please respond today to this very special Christmas appeal.

Dear Friend

This Christmas there is one particularly special girl who will be heavy on the hearts of all Hagar staff. Her name is Ghiang (pronounced Zan), she is 14 years old, and at the time of writing she is facing a heartbreaking situation.

Ghiang stared death in the face when she was brutally attacked and left for dead by an intruder. With every bone in her face broken and 70% of her brain damaged, it was unlikely Ghiang would survive. However she did and now she needs your help.

Friend, today, I’m writing to ask if you’ll please join me in sending in a special gift for this special young girl. Your support this Christmas will ensure that Ghiang gets the surgery she desperately needs.

Ghiang bravely shared her memories from the time of the attack. Her story is deeply moving.

A very bright girl who excelled at school, Ghiang, lived to learn. She consistently scored at the top of her class and exams were always taken seriously. She knew that in order to achieve her dream of attending university she had to maintain high grades. Unfortunately, Ghiang’s father stood in the way of her dream. Leading into exams he was highly unsupportive of her need to study so her mother suggested she stay at her cousin’s.

One night Ghiang was left at home alone to study. She heard a strange sound and went to investigate, quickly realising a thief had broken into the house. She turned and ran for the door, yelling for help, but the thief grabbed her and threw her to the ground.

He had a metal bar with him and as Ghiang lay on the ground beneath him, he savagely beat her 13 times around the face and head yelling at her:

“I’m going to kill you…..I’m going to kill you!!”

He stopped and fled when he heard neighbours coming.

By this time, young Ghiang had lost consciousness. Eighteen of her teeth had been knocked out, her skull was crushed and the trauma to her brain was both extensive and severe.

Ghiang spent months in hospital undergoing surgery, having her skull and face rebuilt with metal rods and having her brain function monitored. Hagar Vietnam staff told us that when she was told that she would no longer be able to go to school because of her brain injury, she broke down and cried:

“Why didn’t you just let me die? I wish you had let me die. I don’t want to live.”


Friend, my heart sinks when I hear the words Ghiang spoke that day.

Her family situation rapidly deteriorated. Her father could not cope with what had happened and often blamed Ghiang’s mother. He began to take his frustration out on his wife and daughter, beating them both regularly and violently. Ghiang’s trauma was deepened. As well as suffering the trauma of the attack, Ghiang and her mother both became victims of domestic violence. Her nightmare simply would not end.


In April, Ghiang and her mother came to Hagar, where they are living in Hagar’s recovery centre together. Ghiang has severe PTSD and is so scared of being alone she cannot go to the toilet without her mother or a staff member going with her.


She is terrified of the dark and has frequent nightmares. She is also deeply depressed, and struggles with not being able to concentrate or go to school. Her attacker robbed her of her dream to study and attend university. For Ghiang this has been the cruelest outcome of this trauma.

Crippled by shame, Ghiang now hides behind a facemask so that people can’t see her badly disfigured face.


Her injuries also mean that Ghiang is unable to eat properly. The wonderful staff at Hagar Vietnam make sure she has food which is easy to digest without chewing. Hagar staff are providing psychological, emotional and physical support to both Ghiang and her mother, but they desperately need your help.

There simply aren’t the funds to cover the cost of Ghiang’s ongoing medical treatment.


Ghiang faces a long road to physical recovery, with many more surgeries required. Her mother has gone into debt to fund the surgeries Ghiang has had so far, and she is unable to get any more loans.

This means that without support from generous donors like you, Ghiang will not receive the continued surgeries that she so desperately needs. Without further surgeries, Ghiang faces a bleak, disfigured, and traumatised future.


Friend, any donation you send this Christmas will help make a world of difference to this young girl.

If we can secure funding for further surgeries, we will be able to address Ghiang’s emotional hardship…. after all how can self-esteem and confidence be restored to this young girl while she has no teeth and cannot even smile?

As a supporter of Hagar you are aware that restoring women and children in crisis to wholeness is at the very core of what Hagar does. To not be able to do this for Ghiang, who so desperately needs our help, affects me deeply.

We must help Ghiang in her time of need. This young girl needs to know that as dark as the world has been for her, there is hope for the future.


Please dig deep this Christmas and help us raise $40,000 before December 31st for Ghiang’s surgeries, rehabilitation and ongoing recovery.


If this happened here in New Zealand our medical system and ACC would be assisting, the surgeries would be booked and the costs would be covered – in Vietnam there is no such support.

However Ghiang has you and I. Time and time again I have been able to count on donors like you to step in and offer hope to children and women in need. I would be so grateful if I could count on your generosity once again.

I want to see this young girl living without her facemask, smiling and feeling positive about her future. With your help, we can make this happen. So please donate today.

Lastly, I would like to personally thank you for helping us to bring smiles to the faces of the women and children in our care this Christmas. Your kindness and continued generosity make our Hagar homes such special places to be – every day of the year.


My team and I wish you a very happy and safe Christmas and holiday period.

Warm regards,


Don Lord

Executive Director


P.S. Please dig deep this Christmas and help us raise $40,000 before December 31st for Ghiang’s reconstructive surgery, recovery and ongoing rehabilitation. Together we can ensure that this young girl gets the support that she so desperately needs.




*At Hagar we pursue the highest degree of care and protection for our clients. Name has been changed and picture does not necessarily represent the individual profiled. Funds given in excess will be used by Hagar Vietnam in their recovery work with similar clients.