Trafficked. Betrayed. Abused.

This was all six year old Srey* knew. Trafficked and sold to a brothel, she was abused and exploited day after day, night after night, with no hope for the future.

Until she was rescued and brought to Hagar. Here, in one of Hagar’s Aftercare shelters, Srey found safety. and is beginning to heal.

But she needs your help to be able to continue her journey to wholeness.

Your regular donation will ensure that Srey’s recovery will happen, and she will once again be able to live whole and secure. 

Your regular donation (you choose the amount) will ensure a young girl in Hagar’s recovery programme has the life-changing opportunity to heal, to recover, to become whole again. It will help Hagar provide intensive trauma counselling, housing, healthcare and education. It will also provide career training to ensure she becomes economically independent, and able to reintegrate safely back into her community.

Examples of how your donation may be used to help girls in Hagar’s care:


$25                   Books and materials so she can attend school.

$50                   Intensive counseling services for her for one month.

$100                 One week’s total care for her at Hagar Girls shelter.

$250                 One teacher’s monthly salary at Hagar’s Catch up School.


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(At Hagar we pursue the highest degree of care and protection for our clients. Names have been changed and pictures do not necessarily represent the individual profiled. Because the security of our clients is of utmost importance,  we are unable to provide details of the specific child you may be helping.)