Life in Suspension

Sometimes, I wonder, at the 10 year mark since our arrival in this country, whether I should be better adjusted. But part of me shouts back, we should never adjust to and accept injustice or exploitation (not here, not anywhere). Today, one of our female staff resigned. An arrangement for her marriage...

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Foster Parents Make Lives Whole

Everyone knows that being a parent isn’t easy. Being a foster parent is usually much harder. Imagine being a foster mother, for a child who has experienced great trauma, in the country of Cambodia. That’s a little window into the lives of some special Cambodian families. In a country where many...

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Our whole year – highlights of 2012

“Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.” ~Hal Borland There is something refreshing about closing out a year. Remembering the 12 months that have rolled past, with all the successes and learnings and failures,...

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“Justice For Who?”

The perpetrator is followed as he drives a young girl to a seedy hotel room and locks the door. The NGO tracking the known sex offender has already called their police counterparts. An arrest is imminent. But they wait. Not seconds or minutes but a full half hour. Confident that...

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Q&A with Bronwyn Graham

Where do you live?
Kabul, Afghanistan

What's your job at Hagar? How long have you been there?
Bronwyn – Hagar Afghanistan Country Director. In this role since April 2011 but previously worked for Hagar Afghanistan. in 2008-9.Originally moved to Afghanistan in 2003.

What does your job involve?
Bronwyn - overseeing the activities...

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Q&A with Sue Hanna

1. Where do you live?

Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

2. What's your job at Hagar/ how long have you been there?

My current role in Hagar Cambodia is Client Care Operations Manager and I work with some fantastic Khmer staff caring for our women and children as they recover and transition into independent living.Read More

Solar Stoves in Afghanistan

Starlight is a social business in Afghanistan that began in 2008. Capitalizing on the country’s 300 or so days a year of bright sunshine, the enterprise produces solar-powered stoves which provide a cost-efficient, locally-produced and healthy method of cooking. Additionally, Starlight provides training and employment opportunities for vulnerable women in...

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The Hard Truth About Recovery

The accusation is trafficking, the venue is a Cambodian court, the accused is a Hagar leader. At stake is the custody of a child who needs to stay safe and anonymous. How did it happen? Because, sometimes when a child is a key witness in a trial and the accused...

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Prison is no place for a child to grow up

But as Hagar is learning, hundreds of children live with their parents in jail. They have little food, disease runs rampant, sanitation is poor, and opportunities for the future like schooling and work placements are non-existent. That doesn't begin to address the challenges for parents and children in reintegrating into...

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