Putting Faces to Data

Being able to meet face to face with boy survivors of trafficking was the most impacting aspect of the research. Putting faces to the data meant that while designing the Forgotten No More Boys Recovery Project, it wasn’t only larger trends and patterns in best-practice that influenced the programme. Instead,...

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When We Couldn’t Say No Anymore


by Amie Gosselin

We couldn’t say no anymore.

It was 2009. Hagar had been caring for women and girls in Cambodia for 15 years, time and experience maturing our approach to long-term care for victims of abuse.

But then the phone calls started.

The police at the station said, “I know you care...

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Dr Bronwyn Graham Interview on Rhema

Afghanistan is a nation in turmoil, where women and children too often find themselves trapped in slavery and sex trafficking.

Dr Bronwyn Graham has recently returned from nine years in Afghanistan, where she worked as Director for Hagar. Click here to listen to her fascinating interview that recently aired...

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Sarah Scott-Webb Rhema Interview

Andrew Urquhart from Radio Rhema talks with Sarah Scott-Webb (Hagar NZ's Promotions Manager) about Hagar's incredible work in anti-trafficking and her time in Cambodia. Click here to listen to this recent interview Hagar Interview.

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From Slavery to Freedom

In Afghanistan, we use badal to settle family feuds. I don’t know what our families were fighting about, but I don’t think me being forced to marry at age 12 settled anything. My husband was 10 years older and despised me from the day I moved in with his family....

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A Breakthrough for Trafficking in Persons- Shaima’s Story

Less than two years ago, 21 year-old Shaima was a teacher in one of Afghanistan’s largest cities. Over the next 18 months, she experienced the worst deception. The man who promised her the world raped her and gave her to his friends to rape as well. It was her cruel initiation...

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Safe and Dignified Work

For three years, Yin Phalik has trained and managed Hagar Cambodia clients at La Residence, a high end French restaurant in Cambodia’s capital city, Phnom Penh. He has high expectations for his staff and wants them to succeed. Phalik’s connection to Hagar clients goes back to the days where...

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My Ride For Hagar

Jill Drake, from Christchurch, took part in Hagar's first Ride For Hagar in February 2013. She was part of a team of international cyclists who cycled for 15 days through Vietnam and Cambodia, visiting Hagar projects and seeing first hand the devastating impact of trafficking and poverty  in the...

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The Impact of One

 I am here because of one girl. Sokha was 16 and she was dying of aids. She had been sold at 11 by her mother and had worked in a brothel for a number of years until she was too sick and was kicked out. Today I can still see her face....

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1,100 Reasons to Celebrate 2012

Woven through the stories of the 1,100 women and children we were able to assist in 2012 are stories of hope, of recovery, of freedom: Goals for 2013 This year we aim to:
  • Continue our work in existing countries and program areas
  • Scale up our case management team by 33% - with more caseworkers,...

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