Handcuffed for Hagar raises $24,000!

Participants in Christchurch’s City 2 Surf saw something a bit different this year, as 39 people dressed in black walked the 6km event handcuffed together to raise awareness of human trafficking, and funds for Hagar’s work. Our initial goal of raising $5000 in sponsorship was rapidly exceeded and...

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Nassima Pursues her Dreams

Before she turned 16 years old, Nassima’s father informed her that she was to be married off to a man over twice her age. This was not a marriage of love but about money, and she refused to obey her father. He turned violent against her, wanting...

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Long’s new-found Joy

Long called Hagar’s hotline sometime in September 2015, requesting financial support for her to undergo abortion. Her boyfriend had abandoned her after learning about her pregnancy and she didn’t want her parents to find out. She was aware of the shame it would cause if the news...

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Creative Arts for Healing in Vietnam

Art therapy is used with Hagar clients as it has a number of benefits. It allows clients to communicate what is sometimes difficult to put into words and manage difficult emotions and circumstances. Art therapy can also help clients feel understood, gain skills, provide a sense of achievement and it allows...

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Setara’s Story

My story is full of suffering. When I was 13, my father arranged for me to be married to a member of the Taliban. I refused and appealed to the rest of my family for help, but they forced the marriage anyway. I had to escape, so I ran away...

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Nassima Fights for her future

  Nassima was 18 years old when she first arrived at Hagar. She had experienced some of the worst that life has to offer. She was physically abused at home by her father, sold in to marriage, and then abused by her husband’s family as well. She became very depressed and planned...

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Sue and Graham Taylor move to Kolkota

    It is with sadness but much gratitude that we say goodbye to the wonderful Sue Taylor. For over 11 years, Sue has brought professionalism through her skills to shape counselling and trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy (TFCBT) in Cambodia.   Hailing from Te Awamutu, Graham and Sue first arrived...

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“Why didn’t you let me die?”

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“The attack was so violent, it was a miracle she survived. Her attacker beat her with a metal rod,

her skull and face were crushed beyond recognition… Without further surgery...

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“They shot one of my friends, he died”

Fishing Slavery

A Message from our CEO, Don Lord;

June 24, 2015 Two weeks ago, a member of our team was sitting in an office Phnom Penh with the Regional Director of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) discussing the future of 550 young men and boys who had just been rescued...

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Washington Post: Nearly 550 modern-day slaves were rescued from Indonesia’s fish trade. And that’s just the beginning.

This photo released on April 8 by Indonesia’s Ministry of Fishery show hundreds of rescued foreign fishermen, who were gathered during an operation at Pusaka Benjina Resources. (Ugeng Nugroho/Ministry of Fishery/AFP)
  They came from all over: Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, and Laos. And by the hundreds, they jumped...

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