Hagar’s Core Values emerge from our founding stories of following Jesus’ example in restoring life to the abused, rejected and exploited. These values motivate, inform, and set limits to our actions as we pursue our mission. We realize these values through consistent and thoughtful choices, individually and collectively.

We choose Servanthood:  We take seriously God’s call “the last shall be first” and commit to doing whatever it takes for as long as it takes for the “last” in this world.  Our priority is people above money, structures, policies and self-interest. No one is too small to do great things or too great to do small things.  Servanthood defines our leadership and professional practice such that each individual in the Hagar community is treated with competence, grace, patience and dignity recognizing each person is an image bearer of God Himself.

We choose Courage:  We take risk, defy the odds and challenge the realm of impossibility.  We identify with the outcasts of society, pursue justice and commit to protect each individual at all costs. We have the courage to make ourselves vulnerable, to listen to our harshest critics and to walk in dark places.  Not blind action, not loud rhetoric, not without accountability and not to put ourselves first.  Our courage is informed by humility, defined by action and grounded in our faith in a trustworthy God.

We choose Relationships:  We cultivate life giving relationships recognizing that lasting change is only possible through relationships that transform.  We remain engaged in our own transformation and personal wellbeing, modelling the resilience we cultivate in others.  We choose to celebrate the uniqueness of each individual and hold each accountable to the mission entrusted to us. We remain patient with setbacks, strengthened by feedback, willing to forgive, humble in conflict and challenged to demonstrate Christ’s unconditional love to all.

We choose Innovation:  We are disciplined, passionate and creative entrepreneurs seeking durable solutions to complex problems.  Hagar nurtures a caring, stimulating and creative environment that encourages each person to reach their full potential.  As competence must inform our passion, we are disciplined in our learning and acknowledge failure as critical to the innovative process.  Remaining focused on our mission, we try new approaches, launch new enterprises, encourage creative expression, cultivate new relationships and set high standards for ourselves and partners.

We choose Integrity: We strive for consistency between our words, beliefs and the reality of the Hagar experience.  Transparent honesty, even in our failures, nurtures credibility and learning.  We are consistently ethical  in our professional and business practices. We keep our promises and honour those who speak the truth. Our accountability to our clients is as important as our accountability to donors. We recognize that Hagar’s resources are not our own but entrusted to us for the service of others and require competent, effective and accountable stewardship.

We choose Excellence. We are passionate professionals committed to high quality results through disciplined attention to the unique journey of each individual. Excellence is not perfection but is the pursuit of competent service, a life of learning, an accountable attitude and a willingness to fail forward into the strength of experience.  Excellence also requires the capacity to say “no” to opportunities that dilute our focus, compromise our mission, or undermine our wellbeing.

We choose Community:  We are one organization with one mission that values the diversity of Hagar’s people, cultures, programs and businesses. As our potential is only realized in unity we choose to reach beyond our roles and limitations to seek the success of others. We embrace our clients and stakeholders as full members of our community.  Through partnerships we reach beyond ourselves to collaborate with others.  We choose respect over power, service over status, listening over being heard and a caring community where all can thrive.